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Old Time Retro Candy Shoppe
45 Commerce Park Drive
in Barrie's South end, Ontario

It is where you can find

Old Fashioned Candy of Yesteryear....
The stuff that's hard to find
How cool would it be the have your
Birthday Party in a Candy Store
We have a great 1000 sq foot Party Room to host your next party.

supplies for DIY or we will make you what every you want
Cotton Candy (made fresh, in the store),
Candy Apples,
Caramel Apples,
Popcorn - Glazed or Savory
We can set up at your next event
Candy Buffets, Sweet Tables, Dessert Stations,
Popcorn Stations,
which can include any of the following
French Macarons,
Oreo Pops,
Cake Pops,
Petit Four Cakes,
Jelly Bellies,
Imported candy & Chocolate

Party Favours,
Loot Bags,
Customized ribbons, & Tags
Customized candy rolls & chocolate bars,
Hershey kisses with your company logo or initials,
Candy Centre Pieces,
Candy Bouquets,
Candy wrapper cakes,
Cakes made with Chocolate bars and candy,
Gift Baskets,
Corporate gifts with company logos,
Candy Buffets can be full serve,
DIY supplies available
including Glass jars & Decor for Candy Buffets,

Candy Club of the Month Mystery Box,
Chocolate Club of the Month Mystery Box,
Japanese Candy,
Dutch Licorice,
American Cereal & Cookies,
British Sweets and Treats,
Soda Pop in Glass bottles

 Gingerbread House Decorating Days 
All other Gingerbread House days, can be at the convience of your own schedule.

Old Time Retro Candy & Soda Pop Shoppe
45 Commerce Park Drive
down by the Galaxy Cinema
in South Barrie

If you are interested in ordering and having goods shipped, Just place your order by calling  705-727-4044

"It will bring you back to when you were a child with no responsibilities, when life was simple and the highlight of your week was a trip to the candy store.

That was a very nice time!"

"Wouldn`t it be nice if the biggest decision of your week was deciding what sweets and treats  to get this week  on your trip at Old Time Retro Candy Shoppe".

We have something for everyone
from ages 1-101

We really recommend that the best way to have the most fun is to come to the Store  and experience the old music and commercials and sample a treat.   But if you can't make it to the store and need us to ship your treats we would be happy to be able to do that
for you.
Just place your order by calling either of the Barrie, Ontario Stores 705-727-4044.

We can not ship the pop or any glass items as they are too fragile. On-line the candy items are full boxes so if you want to buy individual bars or candy you will need to make a trip to the  store.   It is worth the Drive to Barrie , where the memories are "oh so sweet" at Old Time Confections.
Making the world around us a little sweeter since 1995.

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